About: The Fat Doctor

My name is Dr. Timothy Davenport Spires Jr., but everyone calls me Daven for short. I grew up in a family of doctors and quickly followed in their footsteps to assist others. I now help people who live with a variety of orthopadic injuries and conditions, and help people meet their weight loss goals.

I entered the weight loss industry with the desire to inspire individuals to be their best selves. I am passionate about improving the lives of my patients. I strive to address weight loss, nutrition and reversing chronic medical conditions.

Having personally dealt with weight management issues, I can attest how hard it really is to lose weight. I spent many years exercising six days a week trying to shed excess weight to no avail. So began my weight-loss journey with my wife Katherine. We were able to collectively shed about 150 lbs. However, over the next few years, our weight began to slowly creep back on, despite our best efforts.

From that day on, I made it my personal mission to find an answer for sustainable weight-loss. Realizing there was a gaping hole in modern medical education in the areas of nutrition, and weight-loss, I began a journey of discovery for myself, my family, and for my patients.

After years of research and cross-referencing, I learned the prevailing understanding of obesity was deeply flawed. “Eat Less, Move More,” and a “calorie is a calorie,” may allow for short-term success, however, they essentially have a 99% failure rate at five years. I discovered Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Obesity Code, and my eyes were opened!

Understanding the hormonal basis of weight gain changes the game. Not only does this knowledge lead to significant and sustainable weight-loss, it also leads to the resolution and improvement of many medical conditions. At The Fat Doctor, he offers a successful program of weight loss and lifestyle modification tailored to address all levels of weight loss goals.