Say Hello to the New You. Try Our Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Program for Faster, Lasting Results

Simple LCHF Eating

Easy to follow Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) eating plan significantly increased the amount of healthy, natural fats transitions you to a state of nutritional ketosis. Allowing for fat-loss, reduced inflammation increased energy levels and improved health.

Using Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting can help insulin levels fall to more normal levels. This helps to rebalance and heal the body (a process called Autophagy). Fasting periods are so short the body doesn’t even notice, no sensation of being hungry is felt.

Finding Your Exercise

Exercise can be anything! Moving the body is important on so many levels. We want everyone to do something… whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, walking the dog or training. Exercise helps to reduce insulin resistance and create the right environment for the body to drop excess weight.

How It Works - How It's Different

By taking a holistic approach, we help rebalance the body’s hormone system to become a fat-burning machine and improve health. Often achieving fast, long-lasting results and reversing associated medical problems.
Hey! I’m Dr. Daven Spires and I created this program after years of struggling with my own weight loss journey. I’ve dedicated years into figuring out what changes lead to dramatic fat-loss and health. With this program, I’m committed to helping people finally take control for life. Let us help you start the journey!

Weight-Loss Testimonials

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Thoroughly explains and reviews everything at each visit. Wonderful bedside manner. Answers all questions. Excellent surgeon. The results from surgery were way above and beyond what I ever expected. Highly recommend this physician.
L. Evans
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He was willing to explain all of the details of my case, and we viewed and discussed my records every time I visited. He answers all my questions, and listens to my concerns.
Kathleen A.
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Dr. Spires was terrific and caring. His staff was also welcoming and caring.
Larry O.
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Very pleasant and professional, would use and recommend to my friends.
Joyce M.
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From the sign in desk to Dr. Spires nurse and ending with Dr. Spires, I couldn’t ask for better service. Dr. Spries is fantastic and very smart and most of all, caring.